An innovative replacement for open pit latrines

The Khusela dry sanitation unit is an innovation that replaces the traditional open pit latrines. The objective of the Khusela is to improve existing pit latrines by addressing health and safety shortfalls, installation difficulties and servicing problems. The Khusela also ensures that environmental and underground water contamination can not occur.

Optimized space utilization

The elliptical shape of the unit optimizes space utilisation and bladder capacity.

Optimised bladder capacity

Increased bladder capacity prevents sewage waste spillages and contamination.

No pit needed

A surface area of only +/-20 cm deep is required, allowing installation in areas where the ground cannot be dug.

Land shortage

Enables continued use of pit latrines without abandoning them when full.

Reduced smell

The rubber seal around the rotating bowl significantly reduces smell, and ensures user is not exposed to any waste.

Secure services hatch

Can only be opened by service teams to ensure zero exposure to waste by users and community.

The Khusela has unique features and was designed not just for better hygiene and sanitation, but also for a more dignified user experience.

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Pit latrines in South Africa

There are an estimated 4 million pit latrines in South Africa. The pit latrine is a toilet type system, where waste drops into a large open pit, decomposes and liquids percolate into the surrounding soil, possibly contaminating surrounding water sources. The open pit latrines are sometimes used to dump foreign objects, which results in reducing the storage capacity and shortening the life span of the pit latrine.

In the event of heavy rains, the ground saturates, and the sewage waste spills over and poses serious health risks to the community.

The Khusela unit meets many of the challenges of these unsecured pit latrines in South Africa.

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The Khusela Unit - An innovative solution solution to address the problem of pit latrines in South Africa.