Specialised cleaning services

Sanitech aims to continue becoming a major role player in its industry by expanding our unique offering of Integrated Services with Specialised Cleaning Services

Specialised cleaning services

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    Carpet and upholstery cleaning

    Carpets can be cleaned at speeds of up to 600m² per hour
  • 2

    High rise window cleaning

    Master pole has an extended length of up to 6.63m - extension poles available
  • 3

    Stripping and sealing of floors

    Keeping your floors looking like new is an easy way to ensure safety and sanitation

With our dedicated service staff and a fleet of over 200 vehicles Sanitech’s logistical operation is world-class.

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    Specialised cleaning

    Factories, canteens, kitchens and ablutions kept clean and hygienic
  • 5

    Rope access cleaning

    We have a full time rope access department specialising in cleaning high rise building's windows
  • 6

    Pre and post move cleaning

    We offer cleaning services for customers moving in and out of a property

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