What the future holds for Sanitech

6/6/2016 1:09:00 PM

Sanitech has recently began focusing on key technologies and products which will assist in improvin... 

Sanitech has recently began focusing on key technologies and products which will assist in improving efficiencies and help in minimising costs.

Sanitech supplies rapidly deployable, and re-deployable wastewater treatment solutions. The purpose of these mobile and modular plants is to convert domestic wastewater into reusable water for agricultural purposes or to be recycled in industrial applications. It is also possible to treat this water to potable water quality standards. . These package plant solutions are modular and readily scalable with treatment capacities ranging from 50m³ to 350m³ per day. These treatment plants can, with its unique composite design, withstand environmental conditions both above surface and underground (submersible option).

Sanitech’s New Concept (NIC) toilet is a portable toilet unit that is freestanding with a self-contained water supply which operates without cables, pipes or connections to water or electricity. The rotating bowl mechanism featuring in this unit is coated with Nano technology coating which prevents debris from sticking to the bowl and the rotating feature also assists in the prevention of disposing of foreign objects. This concept is more hygienic to the users, environment and servicing team as there is no exposure to waste due to the removable canister which minimises the opportunity of spillage. This concept also assists in boosting morale and productivity.

Sanitech’s REPIT is a Retro fit system for existing ventilated improved pit latrines. An additional feature to this concept is a ‘bladder’. The ‘bladder’ is highly durable and adaptable to varying pit sizes and can contain up to 2000 litres of waste. This concept helps to protect the environment as the ‘bladder’ isolates the waste which makes it more efficient when servicing the REPIT units. Another unique feature is a tamper proof service hatch which is only accessible to the servicing team and aides in the prevention of disposing foreign objects into the toilet/pit.

The waste from the REPIT is collected by a pump truck which is then transported to the Wastewater treatment plant to be converted into either drinking water, grey water or used in agricultural processes. These products are relevant especially in Africa and South Africa where the living conditions do not allow access to basic resources.